Seen This Latest Puppy Playground In Montgomery?

Puppies just love to play. At any given time, at any given day, and at any given place’ NO puppy would say “no” to a playdate!

– There is a new attraction in Montgomery, and it is primarily attracting dog lovers.
– The Montgomery Parks Foundation has officially opened their newest facility.
– The facility is none other than a puppy playground!

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Dog owners in the Montgomery area are rejoicing with news that the Montgomery Parks Foundation has decided to give the puppies a place to play with each other, and with their owners too!

A new puppy playground has been unveiled in Olney, Montgomery. It is a recreational area that surely made an incredible impact to reach out to the members of the community.

Rivermist Pet Lodge were the donors of the said puppy playground, and their spokesperson Emily Southworth said that their company was all too happy to find out the amount of joy their donated playground was giving to the canines in the neighborhood.

Aside from the dogs, of course the dog owners were as equally pleased to see their beloved fur babies interact with other dogs during the unveiling ceremony.

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