🐕The Last Walk: Owner Did Not Expect Her Dog To Die Today!💔

It was supposedly an innocent evening walk for Suzette Jamison and her dog, that instantly turned into a nightmare!

– A frightening dog attack took place in Burnsville, which resulted to serious injuries of pet owner and death of the dog.
– The attacking dog, was reportedly with its owner, but with had no leash on.
– When the victim, Suzette Jamison, asked the owner of the attacker dog for help, she blamed Jamison for being on the way!

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A dog owner’s worst nightmare is when their pet dog gets into a fight, especially when their dogs are small and helpless.

This is exactly what happened to Suzette Jamison, when she and her 9-year-old Maltese named Zsa Zsa went for their regular walk in Burnsville.

According to Jamison, the attacking dog came out of nowhere. She saw that it had an owner with it, but the dog was out of its leash. When Jamison asked the attacking dog’s owner for help to restrain her dog, all the lady said was that Jamison and her pet “were standing on their way”.

Suzette Jamison had no choice but to place her own hand in between the two dogs, just to try and save her own helpless dog from the vicious attack.

Sadly, Zsa Zsa died due to serious injuries and Jamison also acquired serious cuts on her arm. She is not under observation, fearing that the attacking dog might have not updated vaccination shots.

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