The Last Instagram Post For His Dog Before He Died (Video)

Dogs doing base jumps and paragliding trips? 2,132,723 ( 2.1 Mio ) video views Wow!

Dean Potter an extreme athlete died on a base jump attempt in Yosemite National Park.

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His last Instagram pic to his endeared dog Whisper shows how he truly care and love her. Potter brought her in his previous adventures.

With a photo of Whisper’s nose and a hashtag #NeverLeaveTheDogBehind, it’s sad to know that he had unintentionally left the dog behind but the bond they shared will remain forever.

Watch Dean Potter’s extreme bond with his dog Whisper below. Whisper an Australian cattle dog was brought to Potter’s base jumps, paragliding, and wingsuit adventures.

Whisper was always beside him. She had been always his “wing girl”. It is not known if Whisper was with Potter when he died. But she was listed as one of the survivors.

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Potter, who selected the blue heeler when she was just four days old and had her since she was nine weeks, called his dog his ‘winggirl’ because she was ‘like my wingman, but she’s a girl’.

He said: ‘Whisper’s entire life, she’s done what I’ve done.

‘I don’t take her on any super advanced, death-defying jumps.

‘I spend more time with Whisper than I do with anybody else.’

”When I’m sitting near the edge of the cliff and I start putting on my wingsuit and getting our gear together, Whisper comes right to me.

‘She’s coming right to me, and nestling close and through her body language asking to come along.’

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