Adventurous Labrador Floated All The Way Out To The Sea

Are you aware that dogs are great swimmers? They are adorable in water. However, do you also know that some of them are scared of water? What will you do if your scared pet jumps in the water? Most probably, you will be more terrified than your dog. However, dogs are also brave, especially when the situation needs them to be.

Why did Rosy jump in a kayak?

Rosy, a Labrador was adventurous even if she didn’t like water. She was just playing on the shore, and there was a kayak lying when she jumped in. The dog on the kayak floated towards the sea. The owner was shocked because they knew that Rosy hated water. What did you think Rosy was thinking at that time? The good thing was, she was rescued.

“Rosy hates water so it just seemed so ridiculous that she was out there on the Loch. It was quite funny looking back. She did not attempt to jump out or save herself, she just sat in the kayak waiting for the boys to come and rescue her. She floated out and went as far as the sea. The boys swam back to shore and got a little rowing boat then they rowed out using a paddle from the kayak to rescue her.”

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