Konjo Breaks The Record Of The Undisputed Jiff The 🐶 Dog❓

Usually dogs walk and run on four paws, right? However, have you seen a dog walking or running on two paws only? It sounds impossible, but incredible.

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Because dogs are smarter every day, some of them are learning unique and crazy tricks that even made them a part of Guinness World Records, just like Konjo. Have you heard about him?

Matt writes in the video comments:
Darnit, I can’t stop watching this video! It’s so cool to see… dogs that don’t care for all four legs.

Watch the video below of Konjo that adorably run on two paws. Konjo is just small and he has a mixed breed of half Papillon, a quarter Jack Russell, and a quarter Chihuahua.

Last December 2014, he broke the record of the undisputed Jiff, the dog. Konjo was proclaimed as the new fastest dog on two paws worldwide.

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He finished running on two paws within 2.39 seconds around Tustin Park.

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