Koda And Cooper Have A Blast In Their New Bathtub!

Koda and Cooper are perhaps two of the luckiest dogs in the world to have wonderful parents who are always looking for ways to delight them. We rarely come across such stories where dogs are such an important part of the family. This couple goes to great extents to make life more enjoyable for their dogs and try out new experiences. In the video below you can see Koda and Copper get a grooming session and then a nice bath in a new custom bathtub.

Both Koda and Cooper look equally excited to try the latest thing in the houseHowever, the parents make sure they go into it one by one. Koda seems to like the new bathing technique and it’s hilarious when his mom says he’s looking like a cow. After Koda is done and all dried up, it’s now Cooper’s turn. As Cooper comes into the bathtub, he already looks excited and happy.

We love his funny expressions as he feels the water spurting on him from all sides. What a great Sunday for the entire family!

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