Who Is The Worlds Greatest Personal Trainer?

People are always working to train their dogs and quite often they tell me how difficult it is. It really isn’t hard and should be fun for the dog and the owner. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. It takes days and maybe even weeks to teach a dog a new trick or training exercise however your dog ( the worlds greatest trainer ) can train you easily in minutes.

Yes, a dog is the “Worlds Greatest Trainer”. A dog can take a loving owner and have him or her trained in no time. Let me give you just a few examples. You go for a walk and the dog all of a sudden simply sits and will not move. So you pick it up and carry it back home. It just taught you what to do when it doesn’t want to walk anymore or maybe just doesn’t want to walk in that direction.

Here is another example. You want your dog to go into a crate easily so you use a treat to bribe the dog. Now when you tell it to go to its crate it simply sits in place until you get a treat out of the treat jar and then it eagerly runs to the crate. Yep, it taught you no treat, no crate. You get the idea. Dogs are the Worlds Greatest Human Trainers while we dog owners struggle to be simply good dog trainers.

What I am trying to tell you in this article is don’t let your dog train you, train your dog. Every dog owner I mention this to laughs when I tell them that their dog is a better human trainer than they are a dog trainer. Don’t let it happen to you. I mentioned earlier that training should be fun for you and your dog. That is really important. Too many people make it a chore rather than making it an opportunity to spend time with your dog and teach it something that will be a valuable asset in the future.

Make it a goal to get your dog just a TINY bit better with each training session. If you will simply spend 15 minutes a day training your dog and do it in 6 different places you will have the best dog in the neighborhood. Go have some training fun with your dog today!

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