A Family Is Kicked Out Of A Park Because Of A Dog??? 😡

June 2 is supposed to be a normal day at the park for Peter Garish and his family. But something unexpected and unpleasant happened.

– Peter Garish and his family were at the Gohier Park when they were required to leave to area.
– The reason given to them by the monitor was that no dogs were allowed in the area.
– Garish and his family claimed that their companion was a service dog for their child with autism.

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Peter Garish and his family felt humiliated after a park monitor required the entire family to step out of the park because apparently no dogs were allowed in the area. Peter explained that the dog was a service companion.

The park officials still insisted that if the family wanted to stay at the park, they had to leave their dog at the designated area, since the dog had no service duty at that moment because Peter’s daughter who had autism was not around.

Garish knew that they were allowed to bring their service dog everywhere, to have better training.

Read Billy Shields’ full article here – https://globalnews.ca.

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