How To Keep Your Family Safe From Drugs and Crimes?

Do you know that K9 dogs can be more than just part of law enforcement?

-Twenty3eighty, a K9 group, says it’s a good idea for people to keep and train K9 units in their own homes and communities.
-Trained dogs are excellent at drug detection to help keep them off the streets.
-When it comes to protection, a dog’s loyalty is also unparalleled.

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A K9 group called Twenty3eighty held a seminar at Highlands Elementary School in Johnson County, KY for K9 units and their trainers. The aim of the training was to encourage more people to have K9 dogs for themselves.

Don Blair is an expert with over 40 years combined experience in K9 units and border protection. He says the more of these types of working dogs we have out there, the better it is for drug detection and protection from crime.

People are often afraid of these dogs because of their fierce bark and scary-looking teeth. However, Blair says these dogs can be taught protection, obedience, detection, and service training. They are also very loyal and would protect you with their own life.

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Find out more about the K9 group’s advocacy at

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