SEVEN Years As K-9 Officer… This Is A Heartbreaking Goodbye!

Farewell is never an easy thing, especially when you know that you will NEVER see each other again.

– A Houston K-9 officer dies after seven years of service with the police department.
– The cause of death was of natural cause.
– Retirement is difficult, but the death of a K-9 officer is even more difficult!

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A sad news from the Houston Police Department: A loyal and hardworking K-9 officer, Jake, recently died. Jake was 11 years old at the time of death, which was reportedly due to natural cause.

For SEVEN long years, Jake has been in the service with his partner senior Police Officer Brian Schmidt. The news was a little expected with Jake’s old age, but still, the reality caught the entire department in shock and in sadness.

During his service, Jake was reportedly shot twice while on duty, but he was able to survive it all and continue with his service which ended with a total of seven long years.


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