❓ Who Trains These K-9 Officers???

❓ Who Trains These K-9 Officers???

We’ve always seen K-9 officers on duty, and we wonder if how they came into that work.

– Training canines and preparing them to become efficient K-9 officers is not an easy work.
– These training are given by K-9 deputies, who are also trained well before they are certified.
– Training to become a canine trainer is not an easy task to do, and not everyone is fit and skilled enough to become one.

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Taking care of a dog, as a pet owner, requires a lot of love, understanding, and patience. But training a dog to become a K-9 officer require just as much patience and additional skills that can’t simply be learned overnight.

To train a dog, a K-9 deputy himself needs to get certified. The certification process is not an easy one, the training is definitely a long and difficult road to take.

One police officer took the challenge and is now a successful K-9 deputy officer. His name is Jeff Bowers, and after finishing his course in Camp Verde Marshal’s Office, Bowers is now a legible K-9 officer trainer.

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