How Was Justice Served To This DOG KILLER?

A mean man is currently being hunted by the cops for animal abuse.

– A dog barked at a man on the street.
– The man got irritated and started kicking and abusing the dog in front of its lady owner.
– The dog acquired severe head trauma.

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Puppet, a mixed breed of a Chihuahua and Jack Russell, just wanted to protect her owner by warning them of new people or strangers near the area.

When Puppet barked at this particular stranger, her owner said that the owner has given them an outright threat and demanded for the dog to shut up. The dog didn’t stop barking, and so Lynda Coburn said her pup got kicked by the said man, and earned a fractured skull.

The police is being guided by a surveillance video, which caught everything that happened on that day, including the incident.

Right now, the police are in search to find the man and do the necessary arrest.

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