Unusual and impossible it may sound to some, but the term “sensitivity” can also be ascribed to an animal. Sensitivity refers to the ability of a person, animal or thing to respond to touch, and express emotions. It is the condition of being easily influenced, changed or damaged, especially by a physical activity or effect. Merriam Webster describes it as the ability to understand what other people need and be helpful to them.

The dog is one animal that has earned the love of man as one as a domestic animal because of its sensory capabilities and physical attributes. Performing a number of roles like: hunting, herding, protection, companionship, assisting police and military, very recently, aiding disabled people and therapeutic roles. These are the many qualities that gave birth to the nickname “man’s best friend”.


Sensitivity in Dogs

Sensitivity in dogs manifest in various ways, they are naturally receptive to their owners and often growls in defense whenever a stranger comes close. This it does because its sensory attributes are designed to act accordingly. Some dogs are emotionally delicate than others, some handle punishment better, while others crumble apart at so much as a dirty look. The Australian shepherds are very affectionate, social and receptive to their owners. This sensitivity makes them easy to train for dog sport. However, this breed is repulsive or hateful towards livestock.

The “cavalier king Charles spaniel” are known as lap dogs, and are very affectionate and gentle primarily concerned about the happiness of their families, so is the “Rottweiler and border-collie”.


Agitativeness in Dogs

Most dogs also express some level of anxiety towards loud noise/sound like thunders, fireworks, gunshots, and banging sounds. Reports have it that breeds like the “Norwegian buhunds, shiba inus, soft coated wheaten terriers” are significantly fearful of loud sounds and responds by whimpering, shaking, and hiding. However,30% of female dogs was found to be more fearful of loud sounds than the male.


Stomach Sensitivity in Dogs

Unbelievably dogs experience stomach upset like humans, gastric discomfort from trash picked earlier can cause vomiting, diarrhea, loose stool, foul gas, bloating. The “canines” are most affected by these, and there are caused by new ingredient in diet that is not fitting with their digestive system. Missing vitamin and mineral, congenital/ birth defects, dysfunction of other organs which contribute to or receive nutrients from the digestive system.




Consequently, remedies for these cases of sensitivity is determine by its causes and some prescribed by the vet. Generally, a knowledge of this subject is of great importance, as we dog lovers will no longer panic ignorantly about our dog’s


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