Is A Weimaraner A Good Dog?

Native to Germany, the Weimaraner was originally bred to be a gundog for handling big game such as deer or bear. Dubbed the ‘Silver Ghost’, he was highly sought after for a pet. The idea for a family friend as long as it is kept well exercised. Many people are first exposed to the Weimaraner via pictures, calendars, and books. They can assume nearly human-like expressions.

Early on they were used as a hunting dog and in time as the forests shrank, they became more popular for hunting birds, rabbits and fox. Today, they are often referred to as Weims, Silver Ghosts, and Rangers. With their aristocratic backgrounds, they are loving and devoted and still a well sought after breed. They love to be with their people. They want to be close enough to touch at all times.

Often referred to as ‘my shadow’ since they like to be so close to their owner they are ideal companions and will be content to lie at your feet or follow you around the yard or the houseHowever, they aren’t the ideal breed for just anyone. In fact, first-time dog owners may not be the right owner for this dog. They require a lot of energy on the owners part.

Requiring lots of exercise and mental stimulation they may be considered a bit high strung and nervous for many potential owners. It is vital to teaching them to maintain control or they may kill anything resembling prey. This can include smaller dogs, cats, frogs, mice, birds and other small pets or creatures. They will then proudly present their kill to the owner. Another concern is that they like to chase things including cars, joggers and bicyclists.

They do not do well kenneled and will not be an ideal pet to have remain in the backyard without human interaction. Very independent thinkers and they will test the boundaries. You’ll want to get them into puppy kindergarten and it is important that you tag along to learn the ropes as well. Once you’re Weimaraner is trained they are a very versatile pet that can be an ideal hunting companion and a great family friend. Bred with plenty of energy and stamina they are great pets for active families but will require plenty of stimulation and energy.

They have a very low tolerance for smaller furry animals like rabbits, small dogs, cats and the like. Always keep an eye on them around such other pets. They can be high strung and suffer from anxiety of they are left alone too often. They may then become destructive and injure themselves. They are better suited to indoor living than outdoor and prefer to be close to their owner. Keeping them socialized is vital as they tend to become aggressive when around strangers.

To avoid this they need to be constantly exposed to others and social situations. Quick, intelligent and good self thinkers this dog must be gently but continually trained throughout its life.

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