Is A 🐶 Doggy 🚪 Door Expensive ❓

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A doggy door is a great boon to dog owners everywhere! Whether a do-it-yourself model or one of the many brand names to be found online a doggy door is the answer to anyone whose dog can’t seem to make up his mind whether to stay in or to go.

If your dog is anything like mine your evenings are a study in canine indecision. I wanna go out. I wanna come in. Now I want out.

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Now I want in again. If that describes your dog’s thought process, a doggy door is more than just a convenience. It is more than a luxury. It is an absolute necessity!

But installing a doggy door is just the beginning. It is useless unless your pet knows what to do with the contraption.

Doggie Doors Are Complicated?

But, fear not. Training your dog to use a doggy door is easier than you might imagine. It is simply a matter of a little patience and gentle persuasion – over and over and over.

Doggy doors come in all sizes. That means that whether you have a St. Bernard or a Chihuahua, there is a doggy door out there with his name on it.

After getting it properly installed, your next step is to introduce your pet to his new door.

How To Introduce The New Doggie Door To My Dog?

A word of caution is important at this juncture. At first sight, your pup will not know what to do with this new device. He will not automatically push the door open and trot on out into the great outdoors.

What’s more, if you try to force the issue, he may become skittish and should that happen, he is not likely to want to go anywhere near that doggy door.

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So, introduce him to the door gradually. Show him how it swings and what is on the other side – not only “outside” with its trees, grasses and open spaces, but … what’s this?

Could that be a doggy treat just on the other side of that swinging door? All he has to do is push that door with his little paw and that cookie is his! He owns it!

Shall I Force The Use Of The New Doggie Door?

Show him how to make the door swing open. But DON’T force the issue. Some dogs are timid about new things and new experiences, especially when they swing IN as well as out. It’s a scary thing to some dogs.

But with a little patience and some friendly coaxing – and lots of treats – your dog will eventually get the idea. Ideally, you already have him housebroken.

Sso he’ll soon enough figure out that when he needs to do his business, that doggy door gives him easy access to that spacious and well-appointed litter box that is your yard!

If you are a fan of clicker training, all the better. Clicks, treats and high praise will have your dog swinging in and out of that doggy door like a pro. And you?

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You will finally be able to see the end of that Marley and Me movie you have tried to watch on several occasions, only to be interrupted five times by a dog wanting outside. But don’t get too excited about that because – spoiler alert – you’ll cry at the ending.

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