Have you ever wondered about just how many people in the US actually have pets? The numbers might really surprise you! This post is all about dog owner statistic.


It is no news that Americans love pets, whether dogs, cats or more exotic ones like ferrets, guinea pigs and hamsters.


One would expect that each home would have at least one pet; However, this is not the case. Even though a lot of Americans love pets, there is still quite a large percentage of American homes without pet owner statistics is not in good numbers when looking on the European mainland.


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A lot of communities have no records of the amount of homes that have pets. This makes it hard for one to completely ascertain the amount of pet owning Americans.


However, there are certain formulas that you can use to give you a clear idea of these numbers.

  1. You can use this ownership calculator to get an estimate of the amount of people who own pets in your community


2.   Next, use this calculator to get a rough estimate of the number of pets in your community.



With these numbers, you will be able to know just how many pets there are in your community or just a very close idea.

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