Sounds familiar? The great Dane is widely known for its huge size and is a common favorite for big dog lovers. With its origin traced to Germany, this dog breed is very beautiful and incredibly charming amidst their obvious size. If you love Great Danes as much as we do, here are some incredibly fun facts you probably never knew about them!

It is Number 15 on the Popular Dog List

Based on the records at the American Kernel Club, the Great Dane is the 15th most popular dog in the world!

They can Adapt to New Conditions Easily

Contrary to common opinion, the Great Dane does not require a lot of exercises and physical activity so they can easily fit into any environment you decide to live in. They are also pretty quiet which makes them the ideal dog for any living environment

World Record Holder

The record for the tallest dog in the world was held by a Great Dane called Deus who stood a whole 44inch tall. Sadly, he died at 5years old but still remains in our hearts.

They are great for Animations

Did you know Scooby-doo was a Great Dane? Also Marmaduke and Astro from Jetson!

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