😢 How Could A Inmate Kill A 🐕 Service Dog – What Happened?

After the death of one of their own, is it right for this rescue center to pull out their dogs from a prison rehabilitation program?

-Joseph’s Legacy is an animal rescue center that partnered with Warren Correctional Institution to pair inmates with troubled dogs.
-The goal of the program was to benefit both the inmate and the dog.
-Unfortunately, one of the dogs in the program died from apparent violence and abuse.

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Many animal rescue centers partner with prison facilities all over the US, and Joseph’s Legacy was one of them. They aimed to have troubled dogs get more training hours while prisoners got the opportunity to acquire a new skill that they can use once they get out of prison.

When one of their beloved dogs, Evie, died from blunt force trauma to its abdomen damaging her kidney and liver, the center decided to discontinue the program. They also intend to seek justice for Evie’s death.

Many people agree with their decision. Others believe the incident should not deprive the other inmates who are taking the program seriously the opportunity to benefit from it.

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Read about the heartbreaking story of Evie’s death here: http://www.foxnews.com.

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