Horrifying Pictures From Indonesian Dog Meat Market

Indonesia may not be one of most ideal country for animals and animal lovers!

– Several horrifying photos of different acts of animal abuse have been circulating online.
– The photos showed dogs being tortured and slaughtered, all for meat consumption.
– According to sources, the photos were taken in Indonesia.

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The photos showed the genuine scenario, with no censorship, of the cruel situation that is being faced by animals in Indonesia. Dogs and cats were shown to be slaughtered right along the streets of the said place, with hundreds of onlookers who did not seem to mind the on-going tradition.

Apparently, this has been a long-standing tradition in Indonesia, and people there have already been used to this kind of exploitation toward dogs and cats.

Animal lovers all over the world, however, are frowning and they are actively protesting with hopes that this kind of practice will come to an end.

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