The Controversies Surrounding “Illegitimate Service Dogs”?

What is an “illegitimate service dog” anyway?

– So many places and activities can be off-limits to regular pets.
– Some pet owners, especially dog owners, would pass up their pet as a “service dog” just to get around policies.
– Guide dog advocates in Alberta want this abuse of privilege to stop once and for all.

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There’s a fine line between availing the privilege and abusing the privilege.

All over the world, guide dogs are given special exemptions when it comes to “no pets allowed” policy. Some opportunistic families take this chance to pass their family pet as service dogs just to allow them access to certain places or occasions.

In Alberta, guide dog advocates are looking into this abuse of this privilege and want to make sure that “illegitimate service dogs” or dogs that have no legal papers or documents that can prove they had proper training should be banned being called as such.

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