😮 Ice Cream Made Out Of Puppies?

We all love ice cream, right? But THIS ice cream might give you second thoughts!

– If you get a chance to see these desserts served at your favorite restaurant, would you eat it?
– They have the most uncanny resemblance to your favorite pet.
– Some people who’ve tried it admits to the feeling of discomfort and awkwardness while eating it.

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If you’ve visited Taiwan, you probably heard of this restaurant that serves the most unusual dessert: an ice cream with a dog appearance!

For dog lovers in general, this might not be the most enticing meal on the menu. However, there are some who quite enjoys it more than ever, and tourists would even visit the said restaurant, just to get a chance to order and have a picture of it before finally indulging.

These Shar-Pei puppies are the newest trend in the social media, as posts of pictures take over the internet.

Of course the opinions differ. Some of those who’ve tried it like the idea A LOT, while some actually felt awful seeing how much their meal actually resembled a dog!

What’s your opinion? You can view some of the pictures in this video: https://youtu.be/_IKNSo9hrx4

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