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If you were one of the decision makers for very important state matters, like dog euthanasia, would you rule for it or against it?

– The West Virginia Supreme Court has given a final ruling for dog euthanasia.
– After a long time of hearing and decisioning, they West Virginia Supreme Court has favored the approval of euthanasia in dogs.
– The ruling was made on Friday, according to Register-Herald reports.

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After the agreement for the new ruling was done and accepted by the Raleigh County Court Judge H.L Kirkpatrick, it can be expected that there will be repercussions for the said law, otherwise known as the law that allows euthanasia for dogs.

This means that dogs that are at the center of any legal battle can now be legally euthanized. Like in the case of Jasper the dog, a Whippet mix.

Jasper had an owner named Jeffrey who surrendered him before to the Human Society and has voluntarily given up legal ownership to the dog.

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Read the full article here – https://www.usnews.com.

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