Ever Seen A Husky Whine For A Sister? Watch the Video Below

The heart touching video on next page has mad in a few weeks over 200,000 views!!! When this couple brought thus adorable Husky home, they had no idea what was about to come. The Husky named Blu simply did not like being alone and he whined all the time for a sister.

Monica writes in the video comments:  “Lol so funny, God bless you all 😘😘😍”

Finally, the parents gave in and brought his little sister home and named her Luna. His sister was another Husky whom they said was too aggressive to get along with other dogs. However, when both of them met over a short walk, they bonded instantly. They mom just knew she was the one who could be his best friend and keep him company. Watch them now! They love to do everything together. They enjoy their long car rides, making a mess in the house and playing with toys for hours.

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My best part of the video is when the Dad asks them ‘which one of you did the mess’ and the Husky makes a noise that almost sounds like Blu. These rescue dogs may have had a sad past but look at them today. They have a loving family and a safe haven to call their own. Bring a rescue dog home and you will realize what it feels like to give love and get so much more in return.

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