Watch This Cute Video Of A Husky Dog And Her Puppies!

husky puppies play with mom

The video has already over 7 Million views!! Whats the reason?

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Moms are not only the best caretakers of their babies but they also are their best friend.

She is a friend who is always ready to play and who never fights with you. This not only holds true for humans but also dogs. Watch the cute video below and you can see yourself.

The Husky mom in the video is having a great time playing with her puppies. When she jumps up and down on the couch, and these high energy husky puppies play the same.

She then runs into the room and comes back again. Her puppies follow whatever she does, jumping and running around her with a lot of enthusiasm.

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Isn’t that truly adorable? The video shows how important family is to everyone. You only get unconditional love from a mother, even if she’s just a dog.

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