Huskies Go Crazy When They Realize Grandma’s In The House

We all love grandmas, don’t we and when they come home, it’s a special time for the entire family. No wonder the Huskies also feel a similar way and their excitement is clearly visible in the video. Now dogs are great at sensing smell so they already know the surprise. They know that grandma is in the house. It is just that they can’t see her anywhere.

They go about searching for her in the house – in the living room, bedroom, and over the stairs. Finally, one of the Huskies makes it to the guest room and find grandma! What excitement! You can hear them howl of joy. They jump and pounce on the bed and kiss grandma. These two balls of soft fur seem to be having a great time with their grandma in the house.

Watch the video below and I am sure you will feel envious of the owner who has two such loving dogs. If that makes you want to bring a Husky puppy home, I won’t blame you. Go ahead and adopt one puppy from the shelter. There are so many out there who need a loving home.

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