A lot of scientists have begun to make headway on research concerning why millions of American dogs vanished mysteriously a hundred years ago and the results might shock you.



These research reveals that ancient dogs migrated with humans from Asia and this is probably why fossil evidence of ancient American dogs shares a lot of similarities Siberian dogs; this pointing to the fact that they might even share the same ancestors.


This evidence fully removes the possibility that American dogs are a result of evolution from ancient North American wolves.


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The disappearances begun as a result of the fact that the new settlers in the country were not dog breeders. As a matter of fact, they killed the entire population of American native dogs found in the area and this breed slowly vanished from the country.


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These are all still speculations as some scientists also trace their disappearance to CTVT, Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor which is a form of cancer that was sexually transmitted among dogs and rapidly spread all over the globe.


Scientists however believe that the dogs already contracted the cancer before the arrival of the Europeans.


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