How To Puppy 🐶 Proof Your Home ❓

puppy proof

When puppy proofing your home, the idea is to make your home safe for your dog. Dogs are constantly curious and their mouths serve as their hands.

They are just as likely to eat something out of boredom, curiosity, or just because something is there.

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Dogs are very capable of finding just the wrong thing because they can smell everything, and anything that smells different deserves to be investigated.

This is why we must make the environment friendly for our dogs so they don’t get themselves into trouble.

One of the first offenders are the plants that we like to keep around, and perhaps not knowing which ones are toxic to our dogs. The azalea, Calla Lilly, Phildendron and Diefenbachia are very toxic to dogs.

Keep all of your medications up and off the counters. Vitamins, prescription medications, aspirins, and especially tylenol will be especially toxic to our canine friends.

Even plastic containers are no match for a good chewer, as they can get things off of any counter in a hurry, if they are motivated.

Keep the lids on the toilets down, especially if you use toilet bowl cleaners, as your dog just might spot that open toilet as a drinking facility.

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