Losing a loved one is a world of pain most people aren’t prepared for. A lot of times we are plunged into it with no warnings and once it’s calm again, that’s when we can then move forward. A good number of owners, or ‘dog parents’ as they prefer to be called feel like their lives are about to end when they lose their dog. This may seem absurd to people who doesn’t feel an animal should be given that much love, however, this is real and it does happen. Just like losing any other member of your household, losing a dog will definitely hurt. However, the pain most definitely doesn’t linger too much. Here are some ways which would help you grieve over your dear dog.





Acceptance is the last stage of grief. It comes before denial, anger, bargaining and depression. Don’t worry this isn’t homework, but you’ll need to accept the loss of your dog before you can start grieving the right way. It may take a while for you to reach this spot, but once you get there, you’ll feel a whole lighter.


Let it out

Losing a dog does a lot to our mental balance and emotional state. You’re going through so much as it is and it’s really okay to let your emotions flow. Do not try to hold it in. Crying and wailing won’t change anything but you’ll feel a teensy weensy better after you’ve let it all out. Holding it in only weighs you down more.



You’re going to need some time to yourself. Think about all the times you shared with your dog. Those happy nose and face licking times, or when he shakes his fur and sprinkles all the water on you after a bath. These little memories help you move on. They give hope and let you know that your dog’s life was well spent because he gave you happiness.



Don’t stay cocooned up at home because your dog isn’t around to go running or take a walk with. Try as much as you can to still do the things you used to do with him. This is a way of honoring his memory. Don’t let the guilt of moving forward get to you. Get up every day and do what you love while being open to fresh beginnings, because this is a new chapter of your life without your beloved dog, don’t let it go to waste.

It may feel like your life stopped or is put on hold when you’ve lost a beloved dog, but through these ways you can grieve the right way and start living once againץ


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