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Dogs are great and super cuddly but there’s one thing they love doing. That is getting in bed with us. They love the warmth and closeness it brings and sometimes we love it too. But waking up to a bed of locks of shed fur can be really annoying and can dampen your entire mood, especially if you just washed those sheets. So, what you gonna do? Well, you could pretend it doesn’t affect you and keep snuggling with your dog in bed, or you could get him to sleep in his own bed. The latter will stabilize your blood pressure, so we’re going with that.


Establish the rules

If you’re just bringing your dog home for the first time, you’ll need to let them know that your bed is off limits. However, if you’re trying to get them off your bed permanently, you’ll need to resume that leadership position in your home. Train them to know they’re not welcome on your bed. You may need treats or toys to lure them to theirs altogether. You can start in a room that isn’t yours and gradually work your way to getting their bed in your room if you so please. Once they are trained and know there’ll be consequences if they don’t adhere, they will stick to their bed.


Get comfortable beds for them


Some dog beds aren’t nearly as comfortable as the one you sleep on. This is another reason they find it hard to sleep there, especially if they’ve gotten used to yours already. Aside from training them to go to their bed, you’ll need to create a better bed for them. Get a softer or sturdier bed for them. Introduce their favorite chew toys into this bed and watch them sleep there unaided. Also, in your quest for a better bed, you may need to get one that suits your dog based on their sleep patterns. If your dog loves stretching, then you’ll get a longer bed. If he curls up in a ball, then you’ll need one that’s cozy. Get the best fit for him to enable them leave yours.

Personal effects



For dogs with separation anxiety, you may need to add your personal effects to their bed. Maybe an old cloth that smells like you or a blanket you don’t use anymore. This will help them feel like they are still sleeping with you. Doing this gets them to love their bed more than yours, because it’s like you’re still there.

With a little work and a ton of consistency, following these tips will get your dog out of your bed in little time. You can now stretch as you please.


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