How NOT to Groom Your Dog

The Dog Grooming Video on next page has already 624,190 views!! We have a wonderful gentle matured dog that I adopted about 8 years ago.Unfortunately she was a bit neglected and was very timid when I brought her home. She had previously belonged to someone who lived nearby and I had spent the last few months making sure she had food and fresh water so we were already well acquainted.


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Meisha is her name and I would say she is a cross between a collie and a husky. She is a beautiful mix of grays and white with a little black mixed in.Up until a couple summers ago I had always taken her in to be groomed and trimmed, but I had forgotten to make an appointment for her one time and the next thing I knew her groomer was booked up for the next couple of months.



Well my sister-in-law and I decided instead of looking for another groomer we would just take care of it ourselves. No big deal. We had decided it was just so darn hot and she always sheds so bad that we would really give her a trim and make her more comfortable.


I didn’t have any dog grooming clippers but my neighbors did and they volunteered them for the task. My first clue that this might not be a good idea was that although my neighbors had clippers they still took their dog to the groomers for a trim. Why did I not think to ask why they did that when they had a perfectly great pair of trimmers at home.


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We got out the clippers and were really going to town, poor Meisha was not impressed but she really wasn’t too tough to handle. We were feeling pretty proud of our beginning results but as we got going we realized this was not going to be a quick chore.


To get everything done and looking great it was going to take some time, and we were wondering just how long Meisha was going to good naturedly cooperate with all this when disaster struck.


How it happened I don’t know, and I’m not sure how we did not notice but the guard came off the clippers and before you know it my poor dog and a reverse Mohawk that was extremely short. We didn’t get her skin or anything but we had definitely trimmed her much much shorter that we desired.


Of course at this time the neighbor came out, the kids came by to see what was going on, and my brother stopped by. Everyone just looked at this poor dog that was only halfway trimmed anyway but she also had this extremely short strip right down the middle of her back.


To top it all off Meisha decided she had had enough and took off to the back of the yard to lay in the shade of the peach tree.


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My daughter was mortified with what we had done and my brother and neighbor could not quit laughing. Now my sister-in-law and I did not think it was so funny.


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