Adorable Guilty 🐶 Dogs Say Sorry (VIDEO)


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After a hard day’s work, have you experienced coming home to papers scattered all over the floor, messy food on the carpet, broken furniture, holes dug up in the backyard?

Hmmm… now who could the suspect be? You look at your beloved dog and there you go! There’s that undeniable guilty look! So adorable but solid proof that these dogs aren’t so innocent after all.

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Watch an amazing and totally funny video compilation of guilty dogs apologizing in their own sweet way. Seems like they’re saying, “Sorry! Can’t you forgive this adorable face?”

These videos capture the fact that, yes, dogs are capable of expressing guilt when they know that they’ve done something wrong. But the way they say sorry is just super CUTE!

So, we’ll just forget that punishment, won’t we? These dogs are clearly sorry for whatever they’ve done.

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