Facebook Page Help Owners Reunite With Their Dogs After July 4?

How was your July 4th celebration? Did you have a good sense of freedom during that day? While you are enjoying this celebration, your dog may run out of fear. Do you know that there is an increasing number of missing dogs every July 4 of the year? This can be terrifying. Of course, you don’t want your dog to be lost.


According to Beth Blacken at Kalamazoo County’s animal shelter, there were three lost dogs reunited with their owner first thing Monday morning. While everybody is enjoying the sight and sound of the firework display last July 4, dogs were afraid of it. However, the good news is callers, who had found pets kept on posting information on Kalamazoo Area Lost Pets Facebook page.

“This 4th of July holiday weekend was the busiest weekend for the page so far,” said Julie Barber, a moderator on that page.

Barber said the site is a wonderful resource for helping people with lost pets find them.

“The response we have from the community makes a tremendous impact on the pets that are lost and found,” she said. “We have more 4600 people helping to keep an eye out in the area and make matches on the page.”

Read the whole story written by Rosemary Parker at: http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/

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