How Can One Spend 3 Years To Rescue A Helpless Stray Dog

lulu rescue

Some people are like God-sent angels on earth and this story totally justifies it.

This is the story of a woman who once saw a gigantic dog on the canyon when she was out walking her own dog. She felt that the poor stray dog was lonely and needed a home.


She tried to feed the dog daily, hoping to establish a connection. However, the dog was too smart and did not want to be caught.

The woman continued to give food to the dog and even made a dog house for the pup. Despite all her efforts, the dog whom she lovingly called Lulu evaded her.

Finally, someone asked her to take help from a professional and in came Mathew. When the woman narrated the story to Mathew, he was equally involved in the mission and really wanted to help.

He started feeding the dog and after a few days, he was able to let her take the food from his hands.


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After careful planning, he finally got the opportunity to put the snare on Lulu.


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