🌞 Is Your House Summer-Ready For Your Dogs???

Every summer, it’s the same struggle for our furry pets at home.

– There are effective ways to help reduce heatstroke for our pets at home during summer.
– As pet owners, we need to be responsible for keeping our pets comfortable amidst the hot weather.
– Summertime is a common time for literal “hot dogs”.

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RSPCA has disseminated valuable information for pet owners to follow during the summertime, for their pets to avoid heat stroke when the temperature starts to rise. During the hot weather, pet owners need to follow seven basic tips to effectively look after their furry pet’s health.

There is a great danger entailed when pets are exposed to too much heat. We need to make sure that they are kept cool and hydrated amidst the sunny days.

Consistently increased warm temperature is bad news for dogs, considering their thick body covering.

The warning from RSPCA came with a good reason because there have been reported dog deaths after canines were taken out for a walk at a temperature exceeding 21 degrees Celsius.

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