How Can I Become A Real 🥉 Hero? Do This To Rescue 🐶 Dogs!

A pet programme is currently making a huge impact in rescuing pets and it could be the solution to people who love pets, but just can’t have one at home.

– KC Pet Project aims to help pets who are abused or homeless.
– Around 150 pets are being rescued weekly.
– Most dogs that they take in have experienced severe abuse and needs extreme care to restore their health.

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A pet rescue program in Kansas City, Missouri, is making rounds in the city and they are rescuing pets who are abused and homeless. Their main goal is to save pets from the streets and give them second chances of being loved again.

On average, the foundation takes in around 150 dogs in a span of five days. With this huge amount of incoming pets, KC Pet Project is in great need of donations. Most dogs need extreme medical attention, due to their severe physical damages.

KC Pet Project is now knocking on pet lovers who want to help and donate money for this good cause.

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