looked up into my eyes, “Do something”. But what could I do??

Imagine your little cute dog is attacked by another big dog. And imagine you are a elderly person with back problems.

And your dog is desperately looking up into your eyes. And the eyes are crying out loud for help, please, please do something. But you cant do anything because ………

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One day, a 73-year-old, Reeves owner of a Terrier mix dog, was walking outside together with her dog, Angel. Suddenly a large black and gold Rottweiler loose that causes Angel to panic.

She keeps on running circles around Reeves’ legs to protect herself. However, the Rottweiler gets angel by the neck and shakes her. The good thing is, some neighbors help them, and Angel is brought to the veterinarian.

One neighbor tracked Reeves down to give her the phone number of a woman who was walking her two standard poodles in July 2009, when the same Rottweiler attacked. One of the woman’s dogs suffered two bite wounds in that incident.

The owners, James and Marilou Cochran, apologized back then to the owner of the poodle and paid the woman’s vet bill. The woman didn’t report the attack to Animal Welfare.

To know the rest of the story written by Coleen Heild, go to: http://www.abqjournal.com/608375/news/

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