😮 EXTREME HEAT Kills Dog!!!

Can severe heat be DEADLY to our pet animals???

– A recent report shook the dog lovers community.
– A poor dog was left unattended under the EXTREME HEAT of the sun.
– With no water, the dog was said to die due to dehydration.

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An unusual sound was heard by a passerby named Linda Longo. She and her dog were out for their regular walk, when Longo said she hear a loud sound coming from the parking area of the Northrup Drive apartment complex.

Longo got curious what he huffing sound was, so she and her dog followed and traced the sound to be coming from their neighbor’s balcony.

What Longo saw was really heartbreaking, it was her neighbor’s large gray dog, laying down on the balcony with its legs up and seemingly gasping for air. Apparently, no water was accessible to the poor dog, who was under extreme summer heat at the balcony..

The good thing was, Longo’s boyfriend, Andrew Schramm, was around. Schramm immediately went over the fence and gave the dog some water until police came.

Did the dog survive?

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Read Rebecca Everett’s full report here – https://www.nj.com.

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