Watch The Heartwarming Story Of This Puppy! Try Not To Cry!

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Today we share with you this heartwarming story of a little dog that was lost and found by loving people.

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If only all dogs were as lucky as him. The dog’s name is Chobo and while he was wandering the streets of Philippines, a kind man found him and took him home.

They bonded almost instantly and he took good care of Chobo. The man loved newfound happiness with the dog until one day he saw an advertisement for a lost dog.

He discovered that the dog was Chobo. Like a responsible citizen, he made the call and the Choco’s family came to take him.

We could almost feel a lump in the throat when we see Chobo going with his family.

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While we are happy that the Puppy is finally reunited with his old family, we feel sad for the man. On Christmas eve when Chobo’s family is celebrating, the man sits alone for dinner.

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