Lost Bulldog Puppy Turns Up For Sale on Craigslist

A distraught family’s desperate search for their lost bulldog puppy resulted in the unbelievable: someone was now selling their much-loved puppy on Craigslist!
Who could these people be? Imagine this happening to your very own pet. It’s a horrifying thought, isn’t it? Lost and alone and about to be sold to strangers.
So, what happened to this poor pup?

A couple and their 6-year-old daughter from Atlanta lost Rocket, their bulldog puppy. One night, Rocket wriggled out the door and sadly, got lost. After resorting to every
means possible to look for Rocket, a woman from Conyers gave news that she found photos of Rocket for sale on Craigslist! Alerting the police, Rocket was rescued from teenagers who attempted to sell the poor puppy. Adorable little Rocket was happily reunited with her loving family.

“They thought he was a stray and they just found him”, Lucas said.

She said detectives recovered the dog and decided not to charge the teens, who reportedly were at a hookah lounge in Buckhead near the McGills
home when they found Rocket.

“They didn’t have any criminal history and they didn’t physically take the dog,” Lucas said. For the McGills, the reunion was happy.

Read the full article written by Aimee Jones: http://www.rockdalecitizen.com/

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