A Dog Whose Owner Went Missing After Fire Broke Out

Pit Bull SAVES Owners In House Fire!

In the streets, lived an injured dog that closely guarded a burnt house. The locals took pity and tried to help him, but he would always run away. After asking around, the rescuers discovered that the dog lived with his owner and grandma. The grandma passed away recently and the owner was alone with his dog. However, a fire broke out at his home and the owner sustained second-degree injuries.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital and the dog stayed behind. While the owner is away, the dog continues to look for him everywhere. Sadly, the dog is also severely injured and can hardly use his hind leg. He too needs medical help. After a lot of searching, the rescuers are finally able to find the owner and talk to him. They record his voice and take his cap so that the dog can recognize his owner and come with them.

The plan worked and the dog was finally with the rescuers who took him to the vet. The vet examined the dog and said that the injuries were not too deep and can be treated soon. Even at the hospital, the poor dog refuses to eat. They play the owner’s recorded voice where he calls the dog for dinner and this makes the pooch gobble down the food quickly. We love the way the dog’s ears become attentive the moment he hears the owner’s voice. We wish both get well soon and get reunited.

Happy Video ➡️ Happy Video And Then The Doggie 🐶 Realized He Has Been Adopted!

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