Poor 🐶 Doggie Got MoreThan 100 Bee Stings – He Survived?

Have you experienced a bee sting? It is painful, right?

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For several days, there are swelling, itchiness, and pain on the affected area. Most of the time, you also suffer from fever.

Now, can you think of yourself in the middle of a swarm bees attack? This means, not just one sting or two, but plenty of it.

What about your dog, do you think he can handle bees attack?

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Watch the video below about bee stings. The night before the attack, a skunk already sprayed the bees.

The bees attack before noontime the next day when the 43-year-old man was bathing his Golden retriever dog.

Unfortunately, the Dog, Daisy received more than 100 bee stings that led her to die.

Her owner was hospitalized after the firefighters hosed him down with foam. (see related Video below)

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