Have You Ever Seen A Dog Crying? Here’s A True Story!

dog cry

have you ever saw dogs cry tears? 😥 are the emotional tears or their is something else in it?


This adorable dog sits outside this shop and his eye never stops shedding tears.


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Jun writes in the video comments:
When the dog was crying i was crying too 😢😢😢


The local people ask around to see if the dog belongs to a neighbor, but they have no idea who is the owner of the dog. The dog abandoned 😞😡 


The poor dog continues to sit there as if waiting for something or someone.


The local residents think may be the owner told the dog to sit there until he comes back.


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However, no one knows for sure what actually happened. The dog looks in a pitiable state and the residents around do whatever they can to help them.


They finally call a vet to see his condition and after examining the dog’s eyes, the vet says he has cried a lot in a short time.


Due to this, the eyes have a severe infection. The dog was not completely healthy and the vet suspected there could be an underlying disease.


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The vet takes the dog with him for further medical examination and a hope to heal him.


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