Growing 🐶 Pups In Slow 📺 Motion! (VIDEO)

The stunning cute video below has over 14,118,055 ( 14.1 Mio ) views!!  While many people say, “Change is constant,” others believe in “Some things never change.”

Grown up boys will always love to play video games. Ladies will always be predictable while kids will always be naughty.

Awesome Dog Video 🔥➡️ Cute 🐶 Golden Puppy Comforts A Older Dog Who’s Having Nightmares

Nick writes in the video comments:
Your dogs need a service. Their brakes look a little worn

How about your dog’s appetite, do you think it will change as they are growing up? Will they eat more or will they lose their cravings?

Watch the video below about how these puppies run for dinner. This is a time-lapse video when they are still 3 months old until they are 9 months old.

You will be amazed how these puppies, Colby and Bleu, slip, slide, and skid whenever it is dinnertime.

Why don’t you take a time-lapse video of your pet’s behavior and see the difference too?

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