Havanese Service Dog Had No Chance In The House Fire!

When a house is on fire, the first thing that we worry of are the lives inside: the family member, and yes, pets included!

– A house in Broadway Height was consumed by a fast-moving fire.
– The residence were reported to have a service dog within the compound.
– Unfortunately, the loyal dog DID NOT make it out of the fire!

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It was indeed an unfortunate day for the Bradfort residence of Broadway Heights, when their home was engulfed by a huge and fast-moving fire.

According to investigations conducted by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, the fire started at around 2:30 AM. Head of household, Denise Giusti-Bradford said she went out of the house at around pass 1:00 AM to fetch his son at the train station

Unfortunately, when the fire department came, the damage was already beyond repairable. The worst news was, a 14-year-old Maltese was reportedly trapped inside the burning house.

When the fire was out, firefighters reported found the dead dog in the back room.

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Read Steven Luke’s full report here – https://www.nbcsandiego.com.

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