74 Happy Birthday Balloons For This Happy 🐶 Pooch? (VIDEO)

The stunning video has over 42,352,370 ( 42.3 Mio ) views!! How come?

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Some dogs are just awesome at doing special tricks, right?

These amazing dogs can go beyond the usual tricks like “sit” or “roll over”, these dogs are just so super talented!

Can your own dog do anything extraordinary? Well, if that’s so, you should capture it all on video. One proud owner did exactly that with his own talented dog.

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Seventy four colorful balloons are all lined up and ready for Simon, an active dog that is just awesome at popping balloons!

It’s a special trick that most dogs can’t do but Simon just has a special knack for popping them one by one.

And he looks like he’s having so much fun! Watch him as he happily jumps and runs around the room, attacking the helpless balloons.

It looks like so much fun, we want to do it too!

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