Happy Fur Balls Enjoying Weekend At Grandma’s!

We have posted videos about grandpa and grandma visiting the malamutes in the past. Now it’s their turn to visit grandma’s house and don’t they look excited. They start their journey in the morning with mom and Dad and after several hours of the car ride, finally, reach their destination at night. Watch the video to see the malamutes jumping and circling around the main gate because they know they have arrived at grandmas.

It’s fun to see so much excitement in the furballs. They finally find the way and start bouncing around and getting rubs from grandpa. Next morning they go for a long walk in the scenic countryside and have lots of fun watching birds and running around. Back at home, they spend happy times getting pampered by grandma and playing with momma in the backyard. A weekend well spent, don’t you think.

It is difficult to say who is luckier – the malamutes to get such a loving family or their parents to have such loving malamutes in their lives. We wish them lots of love and more days of fun!

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