How Happy Are Your Dogs Really???

How Happy Are Your Dogs Really???

Have you ever wondered how happy your pet dogs really are?

– Dogs always look like they are smiling.
– As often as they breathe, dogs look like they are giving us a happy face.
– How happy are our dogs really?

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Many pet owners could only imagine what it is like to be their fur babies. Pet owners want to understand them and give their needs to keep their happy and healthy. Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk, and they can’t tell us how they really feel.

Science has been trying its best to study dogs and to give us information about what they really feel and how they really perceive things. It may not be done and finished just yet, but there are tentative results that can help us understand them at least even a little.

There are many pictures and videos of dogs that circulate the internet every now and then, and they have one thing in common – these dogs always appear to be happy, no matter what the circumstances they are in.

Yes, a smiling dog may look like a happy dog, but how HAPPY are these dogs really?

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