Having This Dog In His Life Made This Guy Want To Live Again


This guy named Julian has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and he also found out that he was a transgender.

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His family did not approve of his choices so he felt desalinated and hurt. Thankfully, his dog Atlas stayed by his side throughout his transition.

Atlas became more than a dog to him. He was the reason for Julian to want to live life again.

Julian lost his ability to walk, regained and lost it again. He is again trying to walk with support.

The most important thing is that he is willing to take care of himself. Having Atlas in his life makes him more responsible as there is a life dependent on him.

Atlas gives him unconditional love and joy. He constantly helps his human Dad regain his lost confidence.

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With Atlas, Julian is able to move around with confidence and try new things. He knows that no matter what happens, his dog will always be there to love and support him.

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