Guide Dog Is Excited Getting To The Home He Started His Journey

The adorable yellow Labrador was six weeks old when he was with his foster mom who is a trainer. She trained the puppy called Smudge several things at an early stage. He showed immense ability and enthusiasm to learn. So, Smudge was sent to the guide dog training institute. Although he was good at the training, they discovered that he had a minor medical condition.

This meant he was not fit to be a guide dog.  His foster mom wanted to adopt and take him back. She set out on a long journey to bring back Smudge to the family. According to her, Smudge deserved a happy life and she wanted to give it to him. Finally, when she meets her puppy several months later, he is still able to recognize her. He jumps in glee, with his tail constantly wagging.

They ride back home together and once inside the house, it looks like he calls recall his puppyhood memories. It is like he was here just yesterday. He runs through the stairway and greets his brother with a warm hug. Smudge is now living the good life with mom and her family. She gets to learn new things, play with her brother dog and get all the cuddles and belly rubs.

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