Guess Which Breed of Cute, Cuddly Dogs Bite the Most?

When you think of dogs that bite, you’d think of the big breeds, don’t you? You’ve got your German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, and Rottweilers with their ferocious expressions that seem like they’re ready to snap you up in half. Well, as scary these dogs may look, they don’t bite that much.
Curt Swarm takes an in-depth look at the breed that insurance companies say are the real biters.


We’re not gonna keep you in suspense any longer! It’s the lovable Wiener Dogs that take home the prize of the being the breed that bites the most. Surprising isn’t it? Curt Swarm takes his own doxie Buddy to a Wiener Dog Race and sees firsthand how feisty these little dogs can be! Buddy met other extremely possessive doxies and some competitive ones too, with the losing Weiner taking down the winning Weiner in a series of snarls, snaps, and bites.

“About the third heat, the classic wiener-dog confrontation occurred. Two wiener dogs were sprinting to the finish line, one about a half-a-length ahead. The dog that was behind, not liking being behind, took down the lead dog in a snarling, snapping fracas of hotdogs. The crowd cheered, thinking it was cute. (This is called rewarding bad behavior.)”


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